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Three Paintings Now For Sale

I don’t usually sell the originals of my Shaman series. I become too attached to them during their creation. At some point though, one runs out of room for storing one’s art! lol. The end result is that I’ve chosen to sell two of them:


Title: Oracle
Size: 14×18
Medium: acrylic on canvas
wired and ready to hang
Price: $125 plus shipping and handling.

shaman in ochres

Title: Shaman in Ochre
Size: 22×28
Medium: acrylic on canvas
wired and ready to hang
Price: $125 plus shipping and handling

I’m also selling a watercolor study that I recently did:

Playing Van Gogh

Title: Playing Van Gogh. — SOLD
Size: 12×16
Medium: watercolor on Arches paper
unframed, unmated
Price: $30 plus shipping and handling

The shipping and handling will vary. With the paintings, I need to bubble wrap them and secure them between two pieces of cardboard then put that in a proper box in order to guarantee that they’ll arrive undamaged. The last thing anyone wants is to purchase a painting and then have it arrive with the canvas torn and the frame broken. I generally ship via UPS and have them pack it too, just to be on the safe side. 

For the two paintings, I’m asking $100 each shipping and handling. I will absolutely refund any excess, should the shipping not cost that much. I”m estimating based on other paintings that I’ve shipped this way. 

For the watercolor it’s a bit easier. I should be able to just put it in a photo mailer and send it that way. I may still sandwich it between cardboard just to be safe so S&H for this will be $15 and again, if it’s less, I’ll refund the difference. 

Contact me at Krasskova at if you’re interested in purchasing any of these. 


I’m in a show in Rhinebeck, NY

I have two pieces in the current show at Betsy Jacaruso’s gallery in Rhinebeck, NY: Still life with pears, which can be seen in the flyer below, and a more abstract piece:

attic vase eternal return

Attic Vase, Eternal Return ^

Catching the light 2017 poster

Both are watercolors. Both are for sale. 🙂

A Naked Lady Looking For A Good Home ;)

Krasskova_ Magdalene

I have just posted this painting for sale (at a greatly reduced price) in my Etsy shop. It is one of my favorites of all the nudes that I have painted and I’m finally ready to see it find a good home. This is your chance to own a piece of original art. (Usually I’d price a painting of this size at $250-300 but I promised to do a sale in the spring).

This painting is a lush depiction of the traditional reclining nude, an odalisque. It’s rendered as an abstract figure in a vivid, highly textured, sensual array of colors and spontaneous brush strokes.

Title: Magdalene

Size: 12×22

Medium: acrylic on canvas. The back is wired for hanging.

Price: $110

I have quite a few other pieces up at my Etsy shop and i’ll be posting more of my work over the next few weeks, including other abstract nudes. Check it out. (I’ve got these listed for shipping within the US only, but if you are outside the USA and interested ,please shoot me an email at krasskova at and we’ll work something out).



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