Upcoming Interview

I was interviewed last week for Hudson Art Talk. The interview will  will air again this Wednesday at 9:00pm and 9:15pm on the Carmel Comcast community access channel.

Channel 8 serves Beekman, Brewster, Carmel, Kent, Mahopac, Patterson, Pawling, Putnam Valley, Somers, and Southeast. 

Eventually the interview will be up on their youtube at which time I”ll post it in full here. 




Latest Work

We’ve started doing pen and ink technique with our watercolors and I’m loving the architectural aspect of it. I doubt I’ll ever do architectural drawings primarily. I fear the detail required makes me a little anxious, but I do love the results. This, for  instance, is the first landscape I’ve done in water color that I like:

july 29 lighthouse

Likewise this one. 

July 2016 lighthouse

It may be cliche, but I really enjoy painting these lighthouses!

Then here is my latest portrait, “Maenad.” 


And finally another botanical…this one done in a purposely loose style. 


I think they’re all for sale except the first lighthouse. that one I framed and plan to keep for myself. 

Finally, an Update!

It has been ages since i’ve updated my blog here and part of that is just the craziness of school. It doesn’t leave me much time to post online. I have, however, started working in water color over the last few months and just this week, I tried my hand at a series of portraits, first in water color, then in acrylic. 

This is one of the few times that I bothered to take in-progress shots and I want to share them here. I find it’s always fascinating — for me as an artist surely but also i’ve found for  non-artists–to see how art happens. How does a painting go from being a blank piece of paper or canvas to a finished, recognizable piece. 

I started with an acrylic of myself. I figured if i’m going to do a number of portraits, I should start with myself. i’ve sketched myself before and even painted myself once in a much more abstract style but this is the first seriously realistic portrait that I’ve done. I was working off this photo:

mag photo of me

and I came out with this painting:


I gave myself a bit more hair. This is solely a study in portraiture so I really am just doing the face. 

Next, I started a watercolor of my husband. Here are a few progression shots: 

in progress water colo 1

the beard was fun to do. I couldn’t stop laughing and cackling as I painted it: 

in progress 3 in progress 32

and before you think i’m making up the hair or being particularly abstract about it all, i was working from this photo: 

sannion june 2016

The general response has been: “You gave him medusa hair” until i show them the photo at which point it changes to “DAMN, that really is his hair!”

almost there 5

and here is the final water color:

final watercolor


Then i decided to do an acrylic working from the same photo. At first he came out looking severe and like the Spartan king Leonidas!

pre leonidas leonidas lol

Once I painted in the beard and hair, i had to pay much more attention to the eyes and brows to bring out the laughter that he’s showing in the photograph. 

almost done acrylic san

and finally here is a pic of both portraits together:

both togeher

there it is, the progress of a portrait. It’s really amazing how painting the underlying scaffolding of the face really adds so much depth, even though one eventually paints right over it. 

More to come folks. In the meantime, check out my etsy shop. I have a couple of paintings and sets of greetings cards available there. 

New Work for Sale.

I am very pleased with the work that I accomplished during this October’s residency (our show just closed today). I painted three new pieces, two of which are for sale (and for the third, I’m offering signed, limited edition prints).

Ossuary I

Ossuary I.

16×20, Acrylic


this was inspired by a pilgrimage I did this past summer to four bone chapels and ossuaries in Poland and the Czech Republic. They are amazing places, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and humbling.

raven shaman original

Raven Woman

12×12, Acrylic


and finally my favorite of the three, “Shamaness,” a 12×16 acrylic. This is the one I’m not yet ready to sell. I am selling high quality prints, signed and limited to a run of 12 (two have sold already). Contact me at krasskova at gmail.com if you’re interested.

shamaness print for etsy

i’m really pleased with this work. It’s different from the Madonnas I was painting over the summer, but equally satisfying.