Another Trip to the Met

I recently had the chance to study a painting that I’ve been obsessing over for months. I found out it was at the Met and spent saturday visiting. I wrote about this on my other blog.


I spent Saturday at the Metropolitan Museum (in NYC) with two friends. I’d gone there specifically to see and study this painting, the “Crowning of Apollo.” It depicts the castrato Marc’antonio Pasqualini (one of the foremost singers of his day) being crowned with laurel by the God of music Apollo, with Marsyas the satyr bound in the background. I’ve written about this before, analyzing the story of Marsyas and Apollo and that whole piece is largely a visual representation of that article.

apollo crowningThe singer depicted, M. Pasqualini was a member of the Sistine Chapel Choir, a composer in his own right, and the leading singer in numerous operas. Andrea Sacchi was a baroque painter of some note who received regular patronage from the Vatican. He had a flourishing school and his style was noted for its exuberance.

I wanted to see this painting in person for two…

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